Arduboy Software

The Arduboy is a mini handheld games console designed to be simple to program games and applications for. Here are some programs that I've developed for the system.

Squid Jump
Squid Jump Banner Squid Jump Gameplay

First Release - 27/08/23
Latest Release - 03/09/23
Version - 1.2

This is the first game that I wrote for the Arduboy and it's a demake of the Squid Jump microgame from Splatoon, which is an arcade style 'Jumper' game. I hadn't programmed anything in C++ before, so I felt like this was a good level to begin at, as lots of the gameplay features were already thought out. I think it was a great place to start for learning this new system, and I think the final product is a very enjoyable little game!!

Squid Jump is available to play either on real hardware or on an emulator of your choice. And the files for either can be found in my repo, as well as on GitHub.

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