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Released - 31/03/24
Updated - 02/04/24

I've been a long time user of a Wii Pointer mouse cursor on my laptop, but it's always annoyed me how blurry the cursor looks, especially on high DPI screens. So I decided to make a similar but crisper one myself, throwing in a few extra icons for good measure.

The hardest part of making the cursors was creating the animated 'Working' spinners, as I had to write an entirely separate tool to convert the animations into frames, which I released as SMILer.

These cursors are available for Windows, MacOS (through Mousecape) & Linux, with 4 colour schemes available in each, one for each player colour. Also a massive thanks to Eramdam for kindly porting the set to MacOS!!
I do hope you like the cursors if you decide to use them. ^^

Download Cursors (Windows)
Download Cursors (MacOS)
Download Cursors (Linux)

I'm also releasing some of the SVG files that I made of the Wii Pointers, for anyone who wants to have high quality versions of them! I've included some pre-rasterised images as PNGs in the archive as well.

Download HD Pointers