3D Modelling

Here's a catalogue of all the 3D modelling projects that I've made using the free and open source software Blender.

NSMBW World Dioramas

This is the first project that I worked on in Blender. I was actually going to try to import the models back into the game with some changes, at first. But I got carried away messing around with textures and lighting and made W1 look pretty.
I then decided to refine it and animate it and I decided to continue it for worlds 2 to 9 too!!
I think this was a great first project as it showed me a lot about 3D modelling, from transparency and reflection to recreating procedural textures to animating bones.

Video + GIFs Directory

Music Visualiser
The first video demos 'Out Of Jail' by They Might Be Giants.
And the second demos a logarithmic sine wave.

This is a project that I started just to see if I could pull it off. It's an audio spectrum visualiser based around a circle. Vertices stretch out from the centre based on the amplitude of the sound in its frequency range. Higher vertices correspond to higher pitches and of course the left and right of the shape correspond to their respective stereo channels. As it's modelled in Blender, I'm able to change the material of the shape easily, something that could easily make this look really good, if done right.
Because I don't create much music, I don't have too much use for this. So if we're friends and you think you could use it for any kind of project, please do contact me!