Welcome to my modding page. Modding is my main hobby at the moment, as I find it relaxing and I love seeing the end results. My mods are quite simple now, but I want to improve my skills to make even more impressive mods at some point. Currently I've only made mods for Wii games, but I may make some GameCube and Switch mods in the future.
If you find a bug with any of these mods, please report it in my discord server, in a DM or on the talk page on the Wiiki for MKWii mods - these reports will always be appreciated.
I hope you enjoy any mod you play ^^

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Primm Pack Primm Pack

First Release - 25/07/21
Latest Release - 16/02/22
Version - 1.21

A mod for NSMBW with world one replaced with new levels made from scratch by me. Also there are a few easter eggs dotted around to keep things interesting.


Mario Kart Wii

Pride Kart Wii
Pride Kart Pride Items

First Release - 01/06/21
Latest Release - 05/06/22
Version - 2.0

A mod for Mario Kart Wii where all the nitro tracks have had their textures replaced with pride flags, a different one for each course. In addition, as of version 2.0 it replaces item textures with a user-selected pride flag. The standalone for this addition can be downloaded here.

(Also available on the WiiKi)

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Ponytail Peach
PonytailPeach1 PonytailPeach2

Release - 27/07/22
Version - 1.0

An animation mod for TTYD where peach always has her hair up un a ponytail. Why? Because ponytails are cute, of course!! This also has the side effect of Peach looking extremely content with everything that is happening to her.
Also included is a text document documenting almost all of Peach's animations, which I made while creating the mod.