Welcome to my modding page. Modding is my main hobby at the moment, as I love seeing what's possible to build from the base of existing games. My mods are quite simple now, but I want to improve my skills to make even more impressive ones in the future.
If you find a bug with any of these mods, please report it in my discord server, in a DM or on the talk page on the Wiiki (for MKWii mods) - these reports will always be appreciated.
I hope you enjoy any mod you play ^^

Pokemon Sun and Moon

Trans Pride Ride Gear
PonytailPeach1 PonytailPeach1

Release - 02/04/23
Version - 1.0

Something that I think lots of people agree on about Pokemon Sun and Moon is that the ride gear should be customisable, in part due to the normal gear really not looking that good! So I decided to remedy that by making the colours clash a lot less. It was Trans Day of Visibility on the day that I started, so I decided to make the outfit trans pride flag coloured.
I think the simple colour change improves the gear a lot, and I doubt I'll ever play the game without this mod in the future! Also when I get on to playing the Ultra games, I'll try to make it work there too, but it most likely won't at the moment.

(Also available on GameBanana)

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Ponytail Peach
PonytailPeach1 PonytailPeach2

Release - 27/07/22
Version - 1.0

An animation mod for TTYD where peach always has her hair up un a ponytail. Why? Because ponytails are cute, of course!! This also has the side effect of Peach looking extremely content with everything that is happening to her.
Also included is a text document documenting almost all of Peach's animations, which I made while creating the mod.


Stardew Valley

Primm From Secret of Mana

First Release - 16/03/23
Latest Release - 19/04/23
Version - 1.2

This is a character mod that adds Primm from Secret of Mana into Stardew Valley. It adds a very fleshed out schedule, unique daily dialogue, portraits and festival locations.

This mod requires Content Patcher to work.

(Also available on Nexus, with a lot more info!)

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Primm Pack Primm Pack

First Release - 25/07/21
Latest Release - 16/02/22
Version - 1.21

A mod for NSMBW with world one replaced with new levels made from scratch by me. Also there are a few easter eggs dotted around to keep things interesting.

(Also available on GameBanana)

Hard NSMBW - Cheat Code Primm Pack

First Release - 04/04/23
Version - 1.0

I wrote this code just to get to grips with the basics of cheat code creation. Turns out it's not too bad if you know assembly. This code makes the game have a powerup system similar to the one in SMB3, where getting hit when powered up will always return you to small Mario, no matter what. In addition, checkpoints don't give you mushrooms when passed for the first time! (which definitely wasn't an unintended consequence of my implementation anyway.)
The code should work in multiplayer. However it is very unlikely work on non-PAL versions, although if you want to test it out and tell me the result you're more than welcome to!

Download TXT
Download GCT

Mario Kart Wii

Pride Kart Wii
Pride Kart Pride Items

First Release - 01/06/21
Latest Release - 05/06/22
Version - 2.0

A mod for Mario Kart Wii where all the nitro tracks have had their textures replaced with pride flags, a different one for each course. In addition, as of version 2.0 it replaces item textures with a user-selected pride flag. The standalone for the item addition can be downloaded here.

(Also available on the WiiKi)